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Hi, I'm Olek! As a Fractional Product Leader & Product Discovery Coach, I help startups and product teams develop valuable, margin-enhancing products.

Aleksander Uznanski
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Looking for your first PM or Head of Product?

If you're building a new product or struggling to gain adoption in the market, let's huddle. As a Fractional Product Leader, I join startups & early-stage teams to discover, validate, and launch new products. Simply put, I take products from 0 to Product-Market Fit.

1:1 Product Huddle

About me

Throughout my career, I’ve helped build tech products in the fintech, HR, and cybersecurity industries and trained over 200 product professionals in Product Discovery and Strategy.Now I run a boutique product advisory firm for entrepreneurs and product teams where I educate them on best practices for building valuable and viable products.When I'm not advising and building products, I conduct public and private Product Discovery workshops.

Looking for a product mentor?

If you want to get better at building the right products, let's talk. In my product mentoring sessions, I help mentees level up their product careers by assessing their product competencies and then elevating their product knowledge during regular sessions.

1:1 Product Huddle

Not a startup?

When I'm not building products and working with startups as a Product Leader, I conduct private Product Discovery workshops and product organization transformations.For that purpose, I founded ProductTrio, where we guide product teams to success by elevating their product competencies through workshops and advisory services.

Let's connect

If you would like me to speak on your podcast or at a virtual event, or hire me to train your team, let's connect.

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